Who We Are

About Us

We are a network of individuals who represent a vast collection of companies, public relations and social media agencies, and industry associations that work with paid, owned and free social media. Our journey began in Durham, NH in October 2011 when we first convened to establish standard definitions and best practices for social media.

1st Conclave Meeting

At that meeting it established a set of priority issues that required standards. Those areas are:

1. Content & Sourcing
2. Reach & Impressions
3. Engagement & Conversation
4. Influence
5. Opinion & Advocacy
6. Impact & Value

Our Mission

Now that The Conclave has taken the time to rewrite these standards in a way that is comprehensible and user-friendly, our goal is to have 100 organizations pledge to support the Social Media Measurement standards (“SMM standards”) by September 2014.

We invite your organization to pledge its support as well. At this point, we are not asking for anything beyond your commitment to the standards and permission to add your organization to the growing list of names such as General Electric, General Motors, McDonald’s USA, and Southwest Airlines. Click here to learn more.

The Conclave Members

The Social Media Measurement Conclave is an entirely volunteer group of people representing associations, organizations, and academia. Its members include:

Aaron Heinrich, IABC
Adam Burns, Porter Novelli
Ashley Pettit, Southwest Airlines
Angie Jeffrey, Measurement Match
Barry Leggeter, AMEC
Brad Fay, Keller Fay
Brooks Thomas, Southwest Airlines
Diane Lennox, SAS
Jeff Doak, Ford Motor Company
Don Bartholemew, Ketchum
Don W. Stacks, University of Miami
Elizabeth Rector, Cisco
Eve Stevens, Waggener Edstrom
Fadl Al Tarzi, SocialEyez
Frank Oviatt, Institute for Public Relations
Jackie Matthews, General Motors
John Lovett, Digital Analytics Association
John Stieger, Proctor & Gamble
Johna Burke, Burrelles
Joseph Shantz, Porter Novelli
Katie Delahaye Paine, News Group International
KC Brown, Cision
Kristen Smith, WOMMA
Linda Rutherford, Southwest Airlines
Mark Weiner, Prime Research
Jen McClure, Thompson Reuters
Molly McKenna, McDonalds
Neil Beam, Motive Quest
Pauline Draper-Watts, Edelman Berland
Philip Sheldrake, Euler Partners
Richard Bagnall, AMEC
Sean Williams, Communications Ammo

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